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The Next Top LJ Model2

Are You the One?

The Next Top LJ Model "Season" 2
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All potential judges must fill out this application. Because so many people are interested in judging, it is impossible for everyone to be one. If you are not chosen to be a regular judge, we may need you as a guest judge, so please keep tabs on the community. Though potential judges are not in the actual competition, we ask that they provide us with atleast one CLEAR picture of themself in their application.

Judge Application

Describe your personality. Make it as short, or long as you want:
Do you actually watch the show?
If yes, who is your favorite judge on the show? If no, why not?
Which judge would you say you are most like?
Which judge is your least favorite?
What do you think it takes in order to be a top model?
What do you think are the qualities that make a good judge?
Do you actually have these qualities?
Make the subject of this entry "Make Me a Judge, Please"
Post your picture


Do you think YOU have what it takes in order to be a top model? Then give this a try. The contestant stage may potentially last throughout the entire competition. If that happens, a late applicant will have to catch up with the other applicants that have already moved ahead in the competition. If we do stop the contestant stage once we have a decent amount of girls, the only time we will open it back up for new girls is if we need someone to be replaced. Each person that auditions MUST fill out the application, and post atleast 3 CLEAR pictures of themselves behind an LJ cut. The Cut code is (lj-cut text="wordshere") but use <>, not (). Once the finalists are chosen, they will be given a theme every week in which they will have to post pictures of theselves pertaining to the theme. One girl will be eliminated each week. You're not just considered for your beauty, but your attitude, creativity, and personality all play in the decision to make you "top model". Title your application "I Am the Next Top Model". Though you may be eliminated from the competition, you will not be banned (unless you perform what would be disrespectful acts), and will still have posting access, but to keep confusion to a minimum, we ask that all picture posting remains solely to the finalists, and the judges. Please use your own pictures. If we find out you used someone elses, you will be banned immediately. This site does not actually offer any modeling contracts, and is created solely for fun.

Contestant Application

Favorite Movie:
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Food:
Other Activities:
Life Motto:
What did you think of Yoanna (season two's winner), and Adrianne (season one's winner)?
If you think other finalists should have won, who do you think should have and why?
Out of all the contestants, which would you say you are most like?
Please post your pictures along with a salute (your username @ the_top_model2 (No, you cannot use one from another community) and a 150x150 photo of yourself for the info page (be sure you like this picture because it will not be changed anytime soon).
Who do you think will win this season's America's Next Top Model?
How much time do you spend on the internet per week?
Of that time, how much of it do you spend on livejournal?

Further Rules

Each time we require someone to post a picture we expect the pictures to be new. We as judges want to see your progression as a "model".

We ask that the judges not be biased in their deliberation.

Please be kind and curteous to everyone in this community.

Applicants, please remember that this is a competition, and that the judges are here to critique you. We really are here to help you, and we don't want you to take anything we say as a total negative. We will use constructive crticism. Please take our advice and learn from it. We are only human, and are stating our opinions. Don't let the things we say damage or discourage your performance in this competition.

Please do not promote other communities here.

Good luck to everyone!

How it Began

Can't Get Enough of LJ's Next Top Model? Check out where it all began.


Here are a few
invitations to the community, made by the fabulous Mods/Judges:


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